To go forward or retreat while 2,000 meters above certain death

Episode #2

In this episode, I’m talking with John Bourke about a tough call he faced when climbing a literal mountain and what he learned from it as a leader. John is the President of the Business Excellence Institute, a worldwide membership body for business excellence professionals. John talks about a difficult choice he had to make while standing on a narrow ledge above a deadly 2-kilometer drop. Though it was not a call he had to make for his business, the repercussions of that defining moment continue to inform how he approaches his professional decision-making. If you’d like to learn more about John and his work, check out his organization, The Business Excellence Institute, at and consider becoming a member. And if you’d like some assistance with your own tough calls, we’ve compiled a collection of free tools just for you. Go to to check them out. If you’re not yet a subscriber to Toughest Call, please add us wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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