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Doing the impossible

Season #1 Episode #9

In this episode, I’m talking with Lori Nikkel about her decision to hasten the pace of a national expansion to meet the growing demand for food during the pandemic.


Lori is the CEO of Second Harvest, a charity that recovers fresh, unsold food to protect the environment and provide immediate hunger relief.


How many times in your career have you been told something you wanted to attempt was “impossible”? Though this may turn out to be true, it’s also a position often taken by the overly risk-averse to stifle innovation and maintain the status quo.


Lori talks about how she leaned on the power of talented and passionate collaborators both within her organization and without to dive into this massive initiative. In the minds of her and her partners, failure was simply not an option as it would mean thousands of food insecure Canadians would go hungry.


If you’d like to learn more about Lori and Second Harvest, you can check out their website at


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