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Finding Mastery

Over the years, and across the many domains in which I’ve worked, I’ve been blessed to have been exposed to many people who have achieved mastery.

There was a consistent quality they all possessed - humility This trait gave them access to what seemed to be the key to their mastery - they never, ever, ever, stopped learning.

That thirst for knowledge kept them open to being challenged and therefore willing to change. They would constantly read, train, and seek out perspectives from those younger and less experienced. This was always done with a genuine belief in maintaining a “beginner’s mind”.

It’s not about life or work hacks or some other tactical application, it starts with this core belief that we are all in a constant process of “becoming” - personally and professionally.

If you would like to dig further, I can’t recommend Michael Gervais' podcast, Finding Mastery, enough. It is interesting how consistently you see the same beliefs displayed in different ways across his guests.

How are you cultivating Mastery?

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