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Making Organizational Decisions with Love?

Several years ago, I went to a talk by Anita Moorjani, the author of Dying to Be Me. After reaching the point of organ failure brought on by cancer, she had a near-death experience and returned from the brink. Inexplicably, she was released from the hospital within weeks, completely cancer free. The doctors can’t explain what happened.

During her talk, she brought up a concept I had heard discussed before. She believes that decision-making, at its core, is a binary process.

You are choosing either fear or love.

And every time you choose love you move closer and closer to becoming the best version of yourself. And every time you choose fear, you move further away.

I bucked against this thought at first. It can’t be that simple!

It is.

And it should be the final filter that our decisions have to pass through.

In an organizational context, what if the last thing you thought about before you unleash a decision was love and not fear?

Too often, organizations are built on a culture of fear. And the dysfunctions that appear are toxic – backstabbing, cover-you-ass-syndrome, win-at-all-costs, short-termism, etc.

But what if you approached culture-building from the other end of the spectrum?

Love for your colleagues. Love for your customers.

Not BS “love” as a marketing tool like how we’re seeing “authenticity” being branded — true genuine, honest to goodness LOVE for those you serve.

How would this transform how you do business?

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